The Fox War

I have pretty good looking game. I’m not sure anyone can use the exe I have on the top but I have a zip file below. I hope you will comment and give good ideas or even help out.


The Fox (1.43 MB)

I have no idea what is going on in those .blend files =)) (not your fault, I’m a beginner, I still haven’t dabbled with the game engine or tried to create any animations) Anyhow, you should pack your textures with your .blend files, otherwise we won’t be able to see what you are creating (instead, we see the purple colours, I guess you know) Also, the .exe file is incompatible with 64 bit Windows (or so it tells me)

Thanks for your comment. I will upload the textures and I think the fox character isn’t in the first one due to not uploading it. I made the .exe on a 64 bit so I’m not sure what that means. Just put the textures on the desktop. The link here will give u the files for the fox character. Again thank you for commenting.