the foyer

Here is a still I am working on inspired by my recent trip to the smokies. I took tons of pictures of this cool, a-frame house we stayed in. This image is a bit blurry and overexposed, but it inspired me to try to recreate it to be better then the pic i snapped. Here is where I am now with the model.

Please let me know what you think, I know there isn’t much there so far.


Here is a bit more work done, added the underside of the stairs (just a little detail, upper right corner) and the doors. I’m trying to keep away from any textures at this point, but i did make the doors white to show the geometry a bit better for now.


Here’s the latest. I used gen3 for the plant. I also adjusted the angle a bit.


wow thats really comming along! you have really good modeling skillz! congrats!!

thanks for the props, arcticsnpr

im working on the plant and the textures for the walls and carpet now

Aren’t A-Frames great! I’ll bet the stairs go up to a two bedroom sleeping loft. My parents built one down in Florida, but the design doesn’t weather hurricanes very well (lots of sail area) so the final house was post and beam with basically no walls to block the wind.

Only thing that looks odd is the space at the bottom of the stairs. It might just be the camera angle, but there doesn’t look like there is enough room to stand and turn between the bottom step and the glass door. Stair landings are generally square, the width of the stair being the dimension. Unobstructed space at the bottom or top of a staircase is generally the same or larger. Of course, every design is different, and the place you stayed at might have been squeezed at the bottom of the stair.

Other than that, great job! Are you going to do the whole house?

Thanks for checking out my little project here, Orinoco. This particular a-frame is a bit different then what you describe. There was one bedroom in the back corner of the bottom floor, and another about the same size in the loft area above. Perhaps you will see more of it when I get around to modeling the rest of the place (if i ever get through this one). Right now, I am focusing on this picture I snapped. They don’t get too many hurricanes up in the smokies, just bears :slight_smile:

Here is the latest render.

I had textures in there for the leaves and carpet and the rest of the walls, but it was f’ugly. So, I took it all out and focused on the paneling on the stairs first. I think I got that looking better, but then I thought I should start looking at lighting before I continue adding the textures back in.

So, I also am adding a grab of my light setup. I’m just not getting that light pouring in from out side. I want to make it lit mostly from the outside, and then maybe add the over head light that is in the snapshot (maybe, might leave it out all together). If you look at the original snapshot above, you should be able to tell what I’m talking about.

I agree about the bottom step looking crowded, but I think it looks that way in the photo as well. hmmm… i might come back to that.


Paneling looks good. Can’t help much with the lighting though. I usually just do a simple three lamp set up for modeling heads and bodies. You might want to post a lighting setup question over in the Support>>Texturing and Lighting forum.

Here is my latest render. I added a new texture to the leaves, planter, table and carpet. Also, messed some more with the paneling and the lighting. I had a diversion when I discovered indigo (the render is in the texturing thread) but I’m back to blender internal, at least for now.


one thing thats been bothering me for a little bit

the area i circled, on the render it seems as if the step is sloping inward like this: \ when it should be like this: |

might just be the camera angle making it look kinda off but just in case thought id let you know

I see what you mean. I think I was figuring it looked more believable sloping in, but I’ve changed it and I think it looks better now. Thanks for the catch.

Here is a new render, with textures on the ceiling and floor, and some twigs added to the plant. Also, I played a bit more with the planter. I added some runners (is that what you call them?) to cover the seems in the bends of the wood panelling surfaces.

This could be the coolest scene I’ve built, thanks for the c&c.


ah yea that looks much better :smiley: