The Free Levels!

I am a pretty big fan of level design. I designed a few levels and I will be posting them here as I finish texturing them. Most of them are 100% done but a few are 75% to 99% done. In all I have about 6 to post.

Here are the first two. <-The blend <-The blend

#3 <–The blend
(This one I made in about 2 hours. Its just a small map for testing with. I may be adding more to this one soon) <–The blend
This was a concept I did before I started the F-1 Track. I will post the F1 after I finish texturing it…
No Blendfile yet!!! This one has a few more weeks before it is ready…

Feel free to use them in what ever you want. Just credit if you can :slight_smile:

Sweet dude you rock!!!:smiley: These will be good for testing characters and stuff

Not to draw the limelight off of Blender, but have you done level design for anything else? Americas Army 2.8 ( just came out at the end of 2006, and has a mission editor. You have skillz, man! I’d love to be playing AA on one of your maps in the future. Keep up the good Level Design work!

I have never done mods for games…I would like to one day. I may try this summer or fall.

Enriqolonius: I like the first level more than the second, esspecially the texturing! To test it, I loaded it onto the FPS set-up that I have, and ran around the level. It’s cool!

I might lower the vertice count on the second level, though. It looks real smooth, but for the amount of actual space you have, there’s plenty of vertices.

Oh, and I’d make the walls thick; paper thin walls are much easier to do, but look a bit hokey…not a big deal though!

Good work!!

Pretty good designs layout-wise, but they’d really benefit from some form of shading. Leaving everything on default white makes things very flat.

Thanks Enriqolonius,

I just appended your map to the FPS file form: and it looks great. Can’t seem to walk up the stair but good fun anyway.


Updated new map on top :slight_smile:

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I might use these. Can you make a level with a city setting?

That one is coming soon. :wink: I designed a level with a subway and buildings you can even go into! Sadly I lost the file. But I still have the map layout and renders of what it looked like. I will remake this soon and post it.

very cool, I ca remember back in the good old days when I used “try” to make those Doom levels using the editor thing. Then next came Duke Nukem 3d this is tight

hey eric that city one sounds sweet, is it that one u showed that guy on his 1million vertisy model tree thing lol…that was funny:D