The Freeality Project- Best Of, Up for Critiquing! Tell me what to change

Alright, this is a sort of finished project/ focused Critique. For anyone whos seen it, i started a little collection of ‘art’ in the finished project forum, and was advised to move the best pieces here…
I may be adding to this, when I add more pieces to the actual project
The three I chose were

The Red Box(Yes you’re unique, dont let them get to you)
Cabin On A Hill

Thanks for checking this out, ALL C&C welcome(of course).


Woah. How’d you place the chairs?

Please, this forum is for works in progress.

If you are done with them and want to show them off, use the finished works forum.

The red box is by far the best! I love it! It’s perfect. Although I think you should remove the grey box on the far right of the image. Although only a tiny bit of it is showing, it doesn’t seem to flow with the rest of the image.

Chairscape seems finnished to me, but possibly a little untidy bit on the ground might be nice.

Cabin on a hill looks good, and I love the clouds, but I think the camera angle is a bit too tilted. Also, some blur on the grass at the front would look good.

Overall, a great collection of renders (esp. the first one!)

Hope that helps


I love those boxes, great work. Wish I had time to do some art in Blender once in a while.

SamAdam: Sorry, I did that originally, then was advised to move them here, I apologize.
Thx for the kind words everyone
Saxofoner: I placed a few by hand, then copied, rotated and so on, eventually got the piles, then made rows for the …uh, rows.
Cuby: Thanks, I will work on ‘untidying’ chairscape, that box you mentione(just noticed that little corner, thx) And the cabin on the hill camera angle…
All crits still welcome(I am trying to make the pieces better) as this is the Focused Crit forum.

The box image is by far the best.