The French Press

I am a big fan of coffee and a french press is an essential item in my life so I wanted to make one in 3D and test my modeling skills in Blender, as this is a software I've only been exploring for a couple of months now. I really enjoy taking on these small challenges and building them on. It started only as a basic french press and later on, it took a more industrial and futuristic approach.

When all of the modelling was done I made 2 small clips of some of the metal parts just to see how the reflections reacted with the movements and then I started thinking "why don't you animate it like a product reveal?", so I began exploring movements and camera angles.

I decided to animate thinking of sharing via social media in a 16:9 ratio. Trying to make smooth movements while keeping it in a mobile friendly timeframe was a challenge, however I was super happy with the final result.

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