The French Vase

Hello all!
I’m working for architect and use to work on archicad for modeling and artlantis for rendering.
I started last year interesting me to Blender as I saw the power of Cycles.
I’m bored with Artlantis for internal renders.
I made this scene with all what I learned.
Particles, cloth , post processing (glare,vignetting, ghosts, defocus) and a little sculpting
A very simple thing because I 'am still bad in modeling
Render 500 passes with cycles in full global an clamp set to 1.50
Critiques are welcome !!
And the most important thing : Sorry for my poor english

Nice I really like the mood! And the leather chair texture looks pretty realistic.

Hi Ninja7

I really like your render. The carpet, floor, wall, table, and vase are really good. I could not make something as good as that - I’m really bad at internal renders. Therefore, I’m only critiquing from a viewer’s point of view.

Nevertheless, I see some things that could be better:

-The chair. The texturing is good, but the model could use a little work. Below is a reference image of a living room chair:
As you can see in the image above, the chair has a cushion above the base for sitting on, and another cushion against the back for resting on. Try model some creases like shown in the example.

-The curtains. Do a little work with material nodes to add a slightly noticeable silk texture.

Good work!

If you want photorealism, you can use blender + cycles
or blender + yafaray,
for perfect photorealism blender + luxrender and any of these combinations is totally free

I really like the floor , vase , table & chair textures. i like the lighting even though i feel the whole scene could use a little more contrast. The other suggestion i have is to sharpen the wall covering , less blurry, and i think it would support more realism with the wall picture. Very nice work.

Thank you all for these constructive critriques!!
I will post a new render as soon as I reach to remodel the chair ( very hard for me in blender)

@redwood I didn’t reach to intall luxblend, but I will try again with a fresh new install

It looks great so far, the bit I totally love is the fact the little round carpet on the floor has different shades on it because of the ruffled threads, a realistic touch that’s often overlooked in renders. My only critical comment is the texturing on the throw over the seat, it’s stretched slightly over the arm, I’m not sure if you’ve UV unwrapped it or not but something isn’t right on that corner.