The Future 2115, Space animation for personal project.

(sonix) #1

Well this is my first works in progress, and first major project.

Slowly I’m building all 25 ships needed for the anim, and will post links to the work here.

Critisism is most welcome, the more constructive the better.

Pic one Space fighters over nebulae.

Pic two Mothership and fighters view 1

Pic three Mothership and fighters view 2

You can check out my other artwork here and go to galleries.


(gr8hamster) #2

pretty cool…
and ther’es supposed to be 25?! I hope they all are different and unique!

but overall pretty darn k3wl can’t wait to see more

(Detritus) #3

They are really cool-looking, but you might want to turn the specularity down and the spec-hardness up, I think they are looking kinda wet now. Really good otherwise!

(sonix) #4

Thanks for the feedback. The specularity has to be up really high to obtain the tiny lights that you can see on the surface of each ship. If I turn the specularity down, they lose this nice effect.

Have you any suggestions?
(Wondering if the reflection level could be lowered too?)


(stephen2002) #5

yes…they look like you just picked em out of a pool.

Interesting designs though.