The Future of OpenGL??

I had high hopes that Opengl would surface up and turn some developer heads with OpenGL 3.:confused: until I read this article…“The War Is Over”

Nooooo! What this mean for Blender?

Does this mean that BGE will forever be a crippled engine that carnt make high quality games???

its not the end of the world. period

I hope the developers get to see this.
I was just thinking…What if we explored real-time ray tracing like OpenRT.
I know it is not as easy as i make it sound and still in its expiramental stage. Yes I am a newbie but Im trying my best to learning C/C++.

the bge has much more severe flaws than the graphics, I dont really see OGL’s development as a threat to the BGE’s future, hey it doesn’t even uses the current api’s full potential!

Yes, hard flaws… the Blender GE don’t even have “red/green orientation lines” in the UV editor! :wink:

I think the Blender devs. have stressed that this will not be the end of Blender, Linux, Mac. or any 3D apps. not owned by Autodesk.

I think the new version is simply part of the 2.x versions. If Microsoft and Autodesk had a total monopoly on OS’s and 3D apps. already, you’ll already feel you have no choice but to pay out of your nose. The BGE isn’t even close to the limits of OpenGL yet anyway.

that is blender, not the game engine :slight_smile:

OpenGL will never go away, and DirectX 11 isn’t out yet, but I must admit, it does look sweet :D.

However, you can’t use DirectX on Linux or Mac, so OpenGL will at least be able to cater to that market, but it is small.

Also, there is a lesson to be learned here. When you API needs to be cleaned up, just ditch legacy support and make the plunge. Now, I’m going to get back to cleaning up the BGE Python API. :smiley:

I may be a bit dense on this topic, but it seems Vista will support OpenGL and NVIDIA long ago put 3.0 to work. I see no real signs that OpenGL is dying or even injured, just that a bunch of developers had hoped for some things that they will have to wait a little longer for.

Am I reading this wrong?

much like blender 2.50