The future of the games industry

I came across this:

That entire thing is completely FREE!! (I counted SEVEN HUNDRED games in the 3D category!). Right, so that’s the end of Steam then. Whatever I tried played without a hitch on my aaaaaaancient laptop here, unlike Steam, which…does a whole HOST of things to piss you off, such as updating itself every other second (or so it seems like :slight_smile: ), not showing you ONLY THE GAMES FOR YOUR PLATFORM (the one thing you think it’d do - v. imp. for us Linux people), somehow “keeping track” of whatever you installed inside it, within it (did it screw up when I uninstalled that thing from the OS directly? I dont’ remember), and so on. It doesn’t even show you only the games that’ll play on YOUR hardware, for God’s sake!! So - what the fuck DOES it do, then? What IS it?? Can anyone figure out what Steam IS, LOL? :slight_smile: Seems to me everything it does can be done ON the web…?
Anyway, so that, and any others of it’s ilk that may be out there, are Gone now. It doesn’t need to be repeated that anything that’s Free has a MASSIVE audience here in India, and round the world.

Hardly surprising really, considering Blender is free, engines like Armory/Godot are free, and a ton of assets and artwork are given away for free all over the web - probably including here!

So now - all of us get ready to give all our shit away for Free. That’s the future. For sure, streaming like Stadia will happen, but if that costs one buck a month, it will lose audience in a country like India, as compared to Free. No question about it.

We’ve pretty much reached the end of the line, folks.

Well, I long ago felt that the games industry made a possibly-fatal mistake by never “reasonably pricing” their product. I remember a few years ago when the publishers of Angry Birds® were celebrating the “sale” of a million licenses at $4 apiece. I found myself wondering just how long it would take “millions of real-world customers” to exceed “$4 apiece” in costs.

I fully expected them to be “starving to death” within the year, reaching back to the “angel investors” without having learned anything from the experience … and I am given to understand that this is exactly what happened.

Unfortunately, I feel that the games industry has completely failed to present their “value-prop” to the general public. They were cowed by “web sites,” which are generally still free, and they still don’t do a very good job at explaining why their products are worth paying “meaningful money” for.

I think that they leave an enormous amount of money “on the table.” (Full disclosure: for the past 24(!) years, I have sold and remarkably continue to sell an obscure software product that sells for between $154 and $530 (USD) a copy.)

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… yeah, except that you’ve got to make profit. And, not merely “one-time profit,” but a sustainable revenue stream."

…and what product is THAT? :slight_smile: Do tell…

What do you mean they “leave on the table”?