The Future

It would most defintely be interesting to know what all of you blenderers and the like think the future holds for mankind!

So, I think that movies have it all wrong. Just last night, I was watching “The time machine” on tv, and I though to myself, “how could we change that dramatically in only 30 years or so.” I didnt think it was credible for the Earth to look like all metal and mechanistic even a million years into the future. I believe that things wont change that dramatically, just our technology will change.

Also, these hollywood images of the future that we so often get are unrealistic, as the things that they use (in the movies for eg) are not needed, like a toothbrush that cleans itself or something stupid like that.

So what do you all think the future is going to be like. Inventions? Lifestyle? BLENDER?

Yes! I wanted to start this thread, but, beat me to it! This will be a discussion to read!

First off, you’re right about The Time Machine. Totally weird.
Secondly, I disagree with you on all of Holywood’s being wrong. Watch I, Robot with Will Smith. Almost everything in that movie looks right to me.
And, toothbrushes that wash themselves? That is a great idea. It’s the small ideas as much as the large that change the world. But, I think that it’s already been done, like you put the electric brush in a stand that charges and washes it at the same time? It would work, anyway.

I don’t believe this world will last much longer. If you know what I believe as a Fundmentalist Baptist Christian, you know that I believe Jesus will rapture his church, soon enough. And then the world will have seven years of the wrath of the Lamb. THEN, we only have a millenium on this earth before eternity begins for it.
Off-topic, a bit. I hope that, for technology, things become easier for the home user; setting up a modem, for example. But, with my aspiring to run a gadget company, I can’t so much say “I hope”, as, “I want to”…I’ll get back to this, later.

Yeah, i think that the words “need” and “comfort” will be all too familiar with each other in the future. Anyway, little gadgety things that people dont “NEED” could become a problem. For example, without them, still not a second would be shaven off the person’s life, so why clutter things up?

And as time goes on, people will be more “needy needy needy” “me me me me!”

You had to know by my very screen name that I would play around with this. :slight_smile:

Perhaps, in fact, the Bible says something like this about the end times, with people’s “love waxing cold” (not perfect quote). But, some predict a major market crash, at which times people will not be able to afford gadgets, but instead will turn to entertainment. So, come join HOTD and invest in the future! (Man, my statements are so biased!)

For example, without them, still not a second would be shaven off the person’s life, so why clutter things up?

Improved quality of life.

I don’t need a comfy mattress, for example.

More things have computers in them, and this will continue. The linking up of all is still happening, I see a time when all are connected in some way to the internet. This just allows so many possibilities that it will (and is) make big changes.

AI is looking pretty good, with lots of interesting things happening there. This will become more visible, and move into smaller consumer applications as computing power increases rather than being just a tool for large companies. We have computer programs that can design complex things like turbine blades, (some) circuits and antennas better than humans can.

Yes, thats also what i believe is wrong with these hollywood images. They dont count in the problems that could occur. Its basically an image of “all this technology is amazing and can do anything and nothing will ever happen to us.” But i reckon its the technology that would have the most impact on the people. (mental and physical, and the taking over of their lives :))

EDIT: with such growth, the quote “(technology) is a way of life” could turn into “(technology) IS life”…

Honestly, I really think technology will be the seeds of our own destruction. And there will come a day when mankind seises to exit. Just a matter of time. A little morbid but hopefully I’m wrong.

What with all this doom and gloom, lets talk about the things that we want to see. I definetely want a hoverboard :slight_smile:

I definitely want a hoverboard

W00t! That’s what I want to see! Like I said, I want to run a tech company. I really want to sponsor the first Gtek Grand Prix. Sonic Riders style FTW!

I know I’m shouting at a brick wall here, but personally I live in hope that the world will no longer be controlled by religious people who wish for its demise.

As far as technology goes, we are already surrounded by labour saving devices that free us up to do more important things like paying vast sums of money to go to gyms and use labour making devices, or sitting on couches getting fat.

Clean your own damn toothbrush.

Oh, please, don’t start this! This thread was just doing so well! I’m not very religious, you might realize that if you knew me. I just love the things of God. I don’t say twenty Hail Marys everyday. And I don’t wish for the world’s demise. You know about the thousand years, there? I think it may yield the greatest technology ever, living in paradise.

technology has changed a lot over the years, but one constant has remained - predictions of the future has always been more or less incorrect.

Given this axiom, I propose that technology will bring about world peace and people will live in harmony, simply because it is so implausible to expect such a thing. :cool:

JACK000: predictions of the future has always been more or less incorrect.

Thats my point y’all. But dwelling is fun!

EDIT: soz i stuffed up the quote thing

That prediction is very plausable

Our deer like, expolosive-carying devises will become so advanced that everyone will respect us and nobody will fight anymore:D
Let me go grab that link

I think that things will just get more and more violent. Ever seen that evolution of the human (same commentator as the famous human body series)? Anyway, the commentator guy says (Robert winston i think?..) that people ever since the cave man have been getting progressively more cerebrally orientated. This is true, and people are getting more and more stupid!

Think Matrix, but without the whole “need humans for energy” bit.

We’ll just get exterminated, pure and simple.

Thats what the people say about the A-bomb. Look how much peace it gave us, without it the world wouldn’t think twice of going to war. Order out of Chaos

Hey that is a good point. What about… “NO WAR IN THE FUTURE.” order of the utopia?

Yeh, thats something i worry about. In the past the human race has screwed up big time, history proves that constantly, and luckily so far its only been with ‘minor’ things. Presently we’re messing with some pretty crazy stuff, so a screw up could be devastating. Theres numerous things which have the potential.

And as Social brought it up, I dont think energy will be a problem in the future, for a start controlled fusion is going to become our main source of energy in the next few decades. Check out I.T.E.R if you dont believe me. (Im trying to be as realistic as possible here)

And fusion will also open up the solar system to the human race, providing propulsion 1000’s of times more efficient than chemical propulsion. So as i see it we’re at the dawn of the true space age, where we’ll begin mining planets for huge amounts of resources and starting stations in space to live/work in. Not to mention mars and the moon being colonized.

With fusion a trip to mars would take a matter of a few months, not years like it would in the present day.

Hence why I’m trying to get into Aerospace engineering at uni at the moment. Gotta plan ahead. :slight_smile:

Imagine if someday atom replacement or some crazy system like that was developed, so we could be transported atom by atom really quickly from planet to planet. Think willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

Oh and genettic engineering already exists, so that will be extended in the future, mabye erradicating disease and cancer?!?