The G.I.R F1 Entry

I’m on an artistic slump right now so I decided to play around with the toon shader. I came up with G.I.R. from Invader Zim

Lemme know what you think.

hehe jk not f1 entry but he could be!!! lol

Hee hee! I love Invader Zim!

Anyway, you did a very nice job. It looks very, very close to how gir does in the TV show.

Hey thanks, he is a funny little dude.

Yes, he is certainly awesome.

Zim: Gir! something is broken, and you didn’t do it?
Gir: Yes… I’m scared too…"

I made one of these a coupla weeks ago… This toony look is nice though.

Here is a new version of gir in TACO mode.

Thanks for looking

i like him. how did you do the toon shading?

GIR is GOD!!!

Anyway nice toon shading and modeling but the body section of him just isnt right.

heres a few pics of the plush doll i have(not actually mine)
(oh and do a red eyed one too. hehe)

[og]GrYpHoN - I think the door on his belly needs to be larger. Other than that I cant see anything else…A little more specific…red eye TACO MODE is on the way. along with a short animation!

And the toon is the regular blender toon shader. Here is the link i used Its a great tutrorial…

F1 Gir link on top!

haha! sweet! :stuck_out_tongue: