The Gallery


I made this. Do anyone have any suggestions? I am in the process of adding dirt to the bottom of the baseboards. The lights been changed so its a variation for animation purposes. I’ll post a high render post soon. I plan to add a very slight vignette, bloom, DOF, and higher contrast effect.


Updated with some changes and effects.

What is going to be the focus of attention?

If it’s simply going to be the room; with no other subject to draw your viewer’s attention to, you will need to pick an item in the room that you want your viewer to notice. Lead the eye to that object with other things within the room. It will make for a much more natural feel in your image.

Good lighting and materials so far though!

Right now just the room. I need something to put on a reel. The second animation will focus on the the statues itself which I can focus on the week after.