The Game of kings

Rendered in BI with heavy PP in gimp (though I’ll change that to compositing in blender soon)
Any thoughts on layout, lighting modelling etc?

(Just noticed the artefact in the king)

Well, I didn’t. Good poster-shot. Very effective. Call it “done.”

If you move the chess piece about 2 cm to the right it will be on one of the vertical “rule of thirds” lines and that might mke the composition feel more comfy. Right now the chess piece feels a wee bit remote over there to the left like that.

Which may or may not be the best way for a shot like this one to “feel.” Dunno.

I like the composition and lighting but not the font. The top line looks very generic. I recommend you try a different font that is less common or stylize the existing one more.

I assume the black background is to bring emphasis on the chess piece, perhaps way to dark for a poster ? i don´t know if there would be a possibility to study other backgrounds as for me it seems dramatic overhelming.
The stylized font suggests more of a “paintball” game, rather than chess.And the basic shape of the piece suggests more a type of “Pelourinho” monument, because you only see half the piece.

This does not invalidate your work anyways, it´s just my 1 cent…