The Gameboy's days are numbered, introducing, the Game Joy micro

The Chinese have the handheld market now.


Im sure Nintendo is shaking in their 3 Billion Dollar micro-suede boots.

is that HandHeld Nes or what ?
Asked because there’s two buttons , A,B .

That’s just a bad copy for the Game Boy Micro, which was the third redesign of the GBA.

Bah, that’s old stuff now, just get a DS like everyone else.


The chinese also copied another thing (one of many) the Hummer H1!

They have a Wii knock off too. I think its called the Vii?

I wonder when the blender knock-off will arrive ?

i like chinese people , they keep working the entire life , all the day …

Micro-suede? That’s made in China, I believe.


What isnt nowadays?