The Garage

Hi everyone,

This place is where I work.
My first objective is to represent it as it is (or improved a bit).
Then I’d like to create a scene in there telling a story (maybe someone working late)
And the third step would be to modify it as a post apocalyptic scene (we’ll move in some month, so the idea is to imagine how this will become after we leave it).

Comments/Questions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance ;).

Here is the version some days ago (cycles: 2000)

I added some details in between and here is the current version (cycles: 500):

You may already be heading down this road, but the major thing I see is how many completely sharp edges appear to exist. Computer monitors, desks, lights, parts of the chairs. Take a look at the computer monitor in front of you. Even the sharp edges are slightly rounded. A subsurf modifier and additional edge loops or creases will help that tremendously. If you’ve already done that, my apologies, and its just the distance that gives that illusion.

Thank you mediamonk, you’re right.
I did not soften the edges yet (I forgot that). I’ll do it.
But wouldn’t it be easier to use the Bevel modifier?
Thanks for the advice.

A bevel mod would probably be easier, but I have yet to have good luck with it. Always seems to be an all or nothing proposition. Honestly, pull one piece out and try it both ways. Experimentation often leads to the best solutions.

Here is a result of the different way:

from left to right :

  • only subsurf
  • bevel then subsurf
  • bevel only
  • nothing

I’m not really convinced…
I’ll try to do a bit more with the subsurf adding edges

Looking at those I actually like the bevel only the best. It’s not as sharp as the uncorrected one, but doesn’t appears as soft as the subsurfed one appears to be. It seems like the shading is the most correct as well. On the subsurf one, pulling your edge (control?) loops quite close to the actual edge will sharpen them up accordingly. I’m partial to subsurf, though it does drive poly counts up pretty quickly. On a still image, the high poly count isn’t really a big deal.

I did not use the edge loops on the previous post. I wanted something easy to avoid taking time on each different object.
I tested it now and yes it’s better.

From left to right:

  • subsurf with edge loops (as you described)
  • bevel only
  • nothing

I think I’ll play with those 2 ways.

Thank you very much

Kind of looks like the underground lab in The Dark Night…
I think it looks great so far!

Thank you McThingy :slight_smile:

Here is an update after softning the edge of the screens and lamps (Cycles: 2000)

I’ll soften more the edge for the lamps, it still looks too sharp.
Next step : the wires

zouzou, do you make the light with a plate and Emmision or a spot (spot is impossible in Cycles, am I right)?

I think you’re right, spot in Cycles is not working as we should expected.
I’m using 2 sources of light:

  • a plane with emission for the sun.
  • the “World” background

Here is an update.
I added plants, some wires…
And did a long render (samples:4000 => more than 23 hours)

Something I see are the chairs look a little too miniature. Could be a little taller.
Unless the office workers are low riders like my brother does with his chair.

Thanks for your comment [sic]dREAD
Well it depends on the chair, we have several chair that looks a bit like that. The back does not cover the area behind your head but it stops at the shoulders level.
But maybe I can review that, to ensure it’s really like that. And if it is, I can also draw a big chair (where the back covers also behind the head)

Here is an update with more details:

I think it’s almost finished like that. Do you see something missing?
Do you see something I should improve or modify?

I modified it a bit (adding the outside).

I think I should use the node editor to improve the end result… but I don’t really see what to do…
If you have any idea, that would be very welcome.

I tried to improve the picture using the node editor.

Here is the result:

I was not happy with the defocus blur and the resolution.

So after some modification with the node editor,
here is the result (resolution 1920*1080, samples 6000):