The Gas Giants

I just finished my latest render of the Gas Giants in the Solar System; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I rendered this with AO with an energy of 0.2 to get a better contrast between light and shadow. Oh! And notice the slight glow around the flare? I managed to do that by getting a spotlight to shine right into the camera (with the track-to constraint) and enabled halo. What do you think?

I like it overall. Just one crit for me.
Lens flare… OUCH

yeah, lens flare ouchiewawa, looks pretty decent otherwise though

Thanks and yeah, I agree that the lens flare’s a bit… yuck to say the least… I’ve not been able to do much because I’ve been revising for my exams but here’s a render that I did about half an hour ago, which is just a picture of Saturn on its own. This time I did the sun with a white-ish, blue tint with three halos; one with a Star, one with Lines and one with lens flare so that I could change the opacity of each halo without them interferring with each other.

What do you think? Tomorrow I’ll probably do a render of the four planets from above with this sun settings from this pic.

Ok. Here’s the render of the four Planets with sun settings from the above picture.

What do you think?

Hmm maybe the compositor can help you, have you looked into it?
If not:

But yeah quite good looking scene. Hovewer something feels wrong…i am not sure what.

The “night” part of the planets looks too much lit, it should be more dark (more as in your first image). Also, you can see the lamp spec on the saturn surface… better to disable “spec” for the lamp you used to lit the dark sides (unless it’s a halo/glare effect).

The issue is that your flare is way too bright. it takes attention away from the planets which is supposes to be the focal point. Figure out a way where when you first look at your pic, the planets are the first thing you notice.

there is some sort of glow on the equator of Saturn?

Ok. trying to follow all your advice and I came up with this render. I shrunk the sun down to more of how it would look from those planets’ points of view and reduced the halo spotlight (Pointing to camera for glare down by half, change the AO energy down to 0.3, disabled blend, paper and real in world settings, turned up the energy of the lamp and changed the AO raytrace to approximate (That somehow got rid of the glow around Saturn’s equater)

I would suggest giving each of the planets an “atmosphere” to achieve a little bit more photo realism. The planets themselves look more solid than they look like gas, but with an atmosphere on each of them that rockiness would probably go away a bit.

I agree with Lunatic 069. Maybe try using sss. I was going to say that the discs look too solid but I googled some real images of Saturn and they look pretty much spot on :slight_smile:

Ok. Is this better? I added some SSS to each of the planets. At first I was kinda scared that they’d turn out looking like candles (Oooh… that gives me another idea… :D) but it just seemed to blender the shadows in better.