The gate or the other side of the world (Updated)

This is a very simple composition, few stufs and invasive light ! Just be inspired by something and decide to concrete the idea waiting for another huge rendering. Hope you like. Modelled with Blender and rendered with Yafray.

Based on your comments I made some improvements, this is a new version with a few changes on the floor.

nice composition was the aim, and acheived! it looks like it ends outside the door but the mind sees going through a door outside to many things, so the mind is ticking =D

alright, very very nice!


very, very, very nice, good job. very visually pleasing.

You seem to be inspired by the Journey challenge on CGtalk. Good work so far (it looks a bit unfinished to me).

I didn’t paid attention to the annoucement of this challenge, but you are right, after reading the theme I could have been inspired, why not …


I like the overall composition and the feel of the image.

Not sure if you mean it this way or not, but with the woodgrain and planks the size that they are, that kid must be tiny. Is it supposed to be miniature? If not, you need to scale the wood texture down a lot.

Its a nice concept but personally the fact that the gate is just a circle recessed into the ground bugs me. Still i like the image

Nice overall concept.

I agree about the scale on the floor texture though. Really throws it off IMO.


wow, very nice although I would probably make the outside have grass or tend to the inffinity to show that he has finnaly finnished his journey (it would llok amazing from my perspection)

Thanks to all for your comments.

I made some improvements, the topic has been updated with a few changes on the floor. However I want to keep it simple and no additional elements have been added.

Cool image. Has a nice unreal touch to it.

Verry surreal, good work. Defintally feelin this one.

I like the textures but the “other side” seems a but open and unreal to me.
Also, the composition bugs me.
You made a square, which is not bad, a lot of photographs are made on 6x6 negatives.
But it doesn’t seem apropriate.
I miss some fading out on the right of the scene.

Lovely Great sense of mood. Can’t decide if I prefered the first one. Did you alter the lighting at all ? I thought it was a bit brighter inside, which would be nice. Still, very atmospheric.

i love it!! :smiley:

very nice indeed, i like it a lot, good work.

beautiful, i love it. Good theme and excellent compisition.