The Gate to Hell - Updated Apr. 15/02

I am bored of working on my Rod and Suit of Armor, (temporarily anyway :wink: ), so here is something new:

Terragen and Blender. This is my first real work with Terreagen and Blender. I have done some small things in the past for myself, but this is a my first full blown attempt. Still lots to do of course.

What do you think so far?



I have two points!

1 - Can me redirect to a tut explaining how to use terragen & blender together? Up to now I only cast a terragen render as a background to my pics, which is not as awesome as your work

2 - I’m from a culture which believes hell to be deep underground, so I expected the gates to be at the bottom of a mountain, not at the top.

Actually I was caressing the idea of making such an image, but I was thinking of rendering a scene from a poem written by a poet from my city around 1300 and describing a voyage to hell, purgatory and paradise. Poet who is actually the father of the Italian language and one of the greatest of Italy ever. You can found his visage on Italy’s 2 euro coins.

His description of the gates of hell are very inspiring, you might want to check the poem;)


hum… the sky and land look very…hellish. I have no idea how you got the terragen clouds to look like that.

However, the walls and gates look too clean. I kinda expect to see them with torches along the side and made out of irregular, dirty rocks.

I would also try to smooth out some of the geometry.

Thanks for the input guys. This is still very early stages. I will be adding statues and torches, etc. The actal gate will be in the middle of the mountain and not at the top. I will be adding a bridge from the left to the actual gates with some more hellish pillars, etc. to support. it.

As far as a tutorial for the Ter2blend script, I have the link on my machine at work. I can post it on Monday for you S68.


cool cool…pretty good, but i was expecting alot more from the title…gate to hell, should have some gargoyles and fire n junk, but good scene

cool cool…pretty good, but i was expecting alot more from the title…gate to hell, should have some gargoyles and fire n junk, but good scene

Read above, still a WIP. Lots more to do here. Just posted to get feedback on initial setup.

S68 - here is the link to the Ter2Blend tutorial:

Hope it helps.

Will post an update later today.


Still a WIP. I think this gives you a little more feel for what I am looking for here.

More statues and torches and all arounf more stonework to be added to give it more feeling.


nice nice! its coming together great…sorry i missed the “wip”… statue threw me off a lil bit, but everything else u added in the scene looks great!

Cool, nice pillar with statue too.

Is your hell connected via cable railway or the pillar is enormous and that tini dark stripe is a catwalk?

Stefano (Who will soon try to Ter2Blend something :wink: )

Thanks for the inut guys. I’m not happy with the statue yet. Still need to tweek it and add some more.

Stefano: Yep, it’s a huge pillar with a catwalk to the gate. Can’t wait to see what you come up with using Ter2Blend :o

Hopefully another update later today.