The German Castle

Hello Everyone,

Got Inspired by the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and started to make this lobby hall, was working on it for around 5 weeks
totally made in Blender 2.69
Rendered with 500 Samples, Render time was around 2 hours.
hope you will like this :smiley:


Closeup of that Gramophone

I am really not qualified to comment on this technically because, I am just getting started in this myself so I think its all very good.

One thing I did notice though is that the walls, the floor, and the glass in the front give it a bit of an old possibly abandoned feel. However, the candles have recently been lit and the glass in the pictures appears freshly cleaned. That being said, its a better scene than I could have put together.

Another thing is that I think this would be a great scene to test out the cycles volumetrics on :slight_smile:

nice atmosphere. good job!

Sweet render. Just out of curiosity are the walls based on reference photos?

yeah, thanks

Very nice! It really make me feel that I am in old house, maybe a bit stinky or damp.

And I think it reminds me quite old pc game called Syberia.

thank you :slight_smile:

very nice:eyebrowlift:

Very nice! I see your secret liquor stash under the table though. Not a very good hiding job.

I would say this is historically correct. In the time when the prussian empire existed things like, latex pain, chemical solvents and cleaners, and laser precision stone work did not exist. I bet back then everything looked kind of grungy. I like the feeling of this.

yeah :smiley: thanks