The "Get It Off Your Chest" Thread

This is a revolutionary new thread idea… (Or maybe not).

Actually, I created this thread so people like me would have a place to gripe, complain and moan about whatever is irritating us today. (I need one of these almost every day).

Maybe, those who are not having a bad day could even offer encouragement, or at least handhold.

So people, to sum it up, keep it PG, (so I don’t get in trouble) get it all off your chest, and leave this thread a happier person…:smiley:

You’re welcome in advance…:stuck_out_tongue:

Nathan ([email protected])

Edit: Oh, yeah, and give me the most popular thread in Off-Topic!!

Pointless threads.

@CD38, Is that complaining about my pointless thread, or others? Pointlessness is beating on others like you are doing.

You made a thread where people can come to complain about things, and already in your second post you are attacking a person who doesn’t agree with you.

I don’t really see why people these days seem to have some sort of primal urge to complain about basically everything.

How was I attacking him? Also, @Morio, I won’t get upset with you for complaining about me…:slight_smile:

Really? Editing out that part Morio was talking about and then pretending you never posted it?

Boy, everyone mad at me about this thread. I bet you all are leaving happy though!

Also, @Jo5ef, First, the edit was to remove some of my atrocious spelling. Also, since it bugged you, I put the one part Morio was upset about back.

While I’m here, I have a complaint.

You all are mad at me, and I am going to get in trouble with the Mod’s for starting a smackdown in this thread. I am signing off. Goodbye for now! Try and encourage each other without me…

However, just watch… With all of you rebuking me, I will have the most popular thread in a very short time.


Is this supposed to be a rant thread? You’d might end up getting really colorful comments that would end up violating the forum rules and getting this thread locked.

On that note, do you think there’s too many people trying to make an FPS game with the exact same gameplay and mission types and do you think zombies are way overused these days :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you know I hate foul language :p:)

If I start thinking like you I would end up with a long list like ‘my kitty has high fever,I am about to lose my job,etc’ but believe me complaining never helps. Even for blender its not your complains but the improvements you ‘suggest’ that really helps. All have a dry time but think of it as a test from god or perhaps punishment for your sins. Go get a sound sleep and you’ll wake up perfectly lucid. Complaing makes you weak, accepting will make you strong and ready for bigger test of life that lie ahead (i know that doesn’t hold good in all cases but i am talking in a general sense). Life is too short for whining, just thank god for whatever you have and live happily.
Have a nice day.

Man, those FPS games are kinda annoying me too. There have been a few great ones, but they’ve really started to have mediocre plots.

You kidding? Vampires are even MORE overused now. Twilight started it though, so while I don’t necessarily like Twilight, I can’t call Twilight out on using something overused. It’s others that are using vampires BECAUSE Twilight is popular, that I have a thing against.

this is true, mohd.itqan

Nice post @mohd.itquan… As a Christian, I would disagree with the fact that God is punishing me for my sin, (I believe that my sin is already paid for) but I shouldn’t be complaining… No matter what my situation, God is giving me more than I deserve…

@Tynach, I agree that vampires are overused… And while I agree that Twilight may have had something to do with it, I’m just not going to condem it, because I’m biased. :slight_smile:

Well, I have nothing against someone making something popular, and making tons of money off it. I have problems with OTHER people using that popular thing, to get money off it. Like with Twilight, other companies have made vampire-related things, to make money off of the popularity of Twilight. It just adds more to it being overused, and stifles originality.

Well…that’s people for you.

Yeah spill petrol in a smeltery and then say “please dont catch fire”. Nice!

Each render engine has its pros and cons so people use what suits their need best. I really wonder if there is any need of complaining about that.

@mohd.itquan… Your first comment was hillarious… lol

However, I think I prefer the idea of pulling the pin from a grenade, holding it, and asking it not to go off… :smiley:

I have personally only used Blender’s internal, Cycles and Luxrender… I guess I think more time should be spent improving and adding options to the best ones out of those lists, instead of creating new ones.

To show an reaction from the moderators:

*this is a valid post
*off-topic is the right place
*all posts have to follow the forum rules as usual
*as usual the thread owner should make sure the topic gets not hijacked.


Glad I put it in the right place, though I don’t know where else it could go.:slight_smile: I will make sure the thread does not get hijacked. Thanks Monster…

By the way everyone, did I mention that I strongly dislike cleaning bathrooms?