The Ghosts of Titan...

Been working on this one for a few days. It’s a survival horror game in which the player is left stranded on Saturn’s moon Titan after their shuttle is disabled. The goal is to repair the damage to the shuttle and get the refinery up and running to refuel it before the malevolent entities that roam the moon discover your presence.

You can get around by walking or by using the old transport craft. It has first person control, a flight simulation mechanic and strategy elements. You will be doing a lot of hiding at times while waiting for the portable hydrocarbon pumps to fill so you can prime the refinery generator to get the fuel you need. It will also have repair controls to fix the damage to the shuttle. :slight_smile:

I could not see anything in the video…

Apologies, the screen recorder darkened it too much. I’ll have to up the lighting and re-record it to compensate.

I lit up the scene and re-recorded it. For some reason, either the screen-recorder or the Youtube conversion likes to darken videos. There was a bit of a drop in illumination again but, it is much better than the last video was. :slight_smile:

JoelTA nice game good start looks like it could shape up to be a really cool project, doesn’t look that dark to me :).

PS: as for crits/advice you should add some kind of specular control texture over at least the ground, it would add the the normal map u used and do wonders for the wet shiny look of the game.

I’ll keep an eye out for further updates :cool:

Thanks hanzo. Updates will come pretty quickly. :smiley:

Nice looking game JoelTA :slight_smile: cant wait to see updates:yes: