The Gimp

Hi… Does anyone know of a good tutorial for creating an alpha texture for blender using The Gimp?? I found one on but it wasnt really what I wanted. Thank alot
PS I dont know if this is the right sub forum to post in . So I im sorry if this is out of place.

All you need to do to create an alpha texture is to save the texture in greyscale mode and then use that as an alpha map within Blender.

Do you mean an image with transparent areas?
If yes, you can start with a new transparent image and paint over
Or if you already have an image add a transparent layer, put it just above the background, hide the background, do your work, save in XCF format ( GIMP)
and do Merge visible layers
Now you can save in TGA (without compression) or PNG format (with alpha chanel, 32 bits).

Here is videotutorials on this, it help me
For help with Gimp try to search for videotutorials, they are in more cases better than read text

Hi Thanks for the replies … What Im trying to do is make an alpha texture of a tree(Real tree photo). And then intersect them to give the 3d effect in blender.

Alpha texture in 3 d modeler is make with 2 textures
1 diffuse
2 opacity ( texture with white and black colour ( black colour is transparency)
read this tutorial, is for gmax but principles work for every modeler

If the background behind the tree is a single tone, then you can do Filters->Colors->Color to Alpha, and pick which color is your background. (May not work if that same color is part of the tree itself)

Hi… Kic I followed the tutorial step by step but when I load it onto a mesh plane it still has the black aroud the image … U know the part thats suposed to be transparent… I check and my settings in blender are right for alpha texture. What am I doing wrong?