The girl that had to hold the moon - forever


here my first ‘finished Project’ with Blender and in the elysiun forum.

‘The girl that had to hold the moon - forever’ is a kind of Atlas Myth, in a modern and free interpretation. One of the helpers of Atlas (and he needed help because he had to hold the whole firmament) made a trick to the little girl you see in the picture and gave her the rope with the moon on its end. I think now the guy is in hawaii. Anyway the moon is not very heavy (the moon is also not a big cookie (!) but more like a ballon which drifts away if you drop the rope!) but you have to walk with him around the world to bring him in the right position every day. And what will we do without the moon? Not only the tide is gone, also the poetry.

So … what do you think not about the story but the picture?


Love it

Nice. :slight_smile:

It needs better lighting, and better materials for the skin and hair. I like the clothes and grass.

i find it disturbing

I like the style.

Thanks for your comments!

nerdVANNA: yes, i think you are right but lighting is still a kind of riddle or trial and error task to me (see attachment). maybe you have some hints or sources to share?!

punkfrog: what do you mean? please let me see through your eyes!!



i like it, but her skin doesnt seem organic enough it makes her look plastic. As for your lighting I feel the second from the left is the strongest, and has the most dramatic effect.

I think I like the second one better. Although a slightly bluer black would be nice, probably a dark navy. Also the skin too shiny, I would turn down the specularity on the character, she looks like she is made of plastic. Great character btw!

very nice =D

definitely use some ramp shading for her skin and turn down/spread out the specular.

I find the image quite creepy.


Good effort, I think the fluffy parts of her coat look more like aluminium foil than…err…fluffy parts :-?

I don’t think there’s anything else to crit on since it’s obviously not suppost to be realistic.

Good work :slight_smile:


lower the specular on the skin and maybe use ramps

thanx for your replies and hints! i am sure you will see some improved skin and fluffy part treatment in the next project.

Greetings to this kindly community.

I love it as well, and I agree that it looks very creepy.

It’s a little un-nerving, yeah.

It reminds me, for some reason, of American McGee’s ‘Alice’

well… she fugly

there someone had to say it she looks like she was dropped on her face when she was a baby, like she ran face first into a brick wall, she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on he way down, the ugly fairy kissed her on both cheeks… twice

other than that i like it

I like the concept…but she must be extremely strong or the moon doesn’t way much. Other than that and the material situation…it looks good. Keep it up.

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Oh snap, I can be crass and blunt, too.

The point of what I’m saying is that it’s probably better to think before speaking.