the girl that has ... Texture and UV problems

hello out there, i need your help.

after cruising different tutorials i came to the point of zero movement. the problem is about textures and uv mapping.

please have a look at the pictures above.

  1. first picture is for getting an overall idea of the model
  2. the second shows the problem
  3. here you see the the problem zone in ‘UV mode’ with testmaps. without ‘subsurface’ on i think it looks ok.

i put the skirt and the jacket in the ‘UV editor’. skirt: one seam, then LSCM. jacket: several seams, three part: the arms as single uv maps and the part in the middle.

maybe one of you has also a good hint for the skin and the hair.
thank you so far.

and about the belnder thing: oh heaven, it is so great! thanks to all the enthusiastic people - they are all made out of perfect quads.

edit: 3 nov 05 : a brighter ‘the problem’ picture


I have had this problem also, I forget how I fixed it exactly. I think I cut an edge loop around the bottom of the skirt, fairly close to the bottom. I think it might have something to do with the fact that the bottom curves in to give it depth.

First of all, I believe that you have a flat panel monitor or LCD monitor, because the image looks too dark for me to see.

Anyhow, your problem with subsurfing, and using UVmaps, is the stretched look of the texture. That can be “fixed” by adding another row of vertices (Ctrl+R) and make it tight to the seam. You may need to do LCSM again. The reason this problem occures, is that SubSurf averages the surface and creates a “sub-surface”.

Skin texture. Well, I have not found a good (or any) skin texture tutorials yet, for Blender. I may be the first person to write one.

Here’ my attempt at trying to encourage people, here in the community, to come up with real skin in Blender. So far nobody really cares, much about it. I was hoping that people would download the file and improve it.

Here’s the link to a BLEND file of semi-decent looking skin…

thanks to both of you. you are right (and especially SPIN with the LCD).

I found another source about this topic:

At the moment I don´t have much time but I started experimentating to add more loops at the problem zones.
It seems to work but, in my case, not with only one loop.

Of course I tried to convert the subd mesh to a real mesh and the texture looked great, but I want to manage it with loops and leave it as a subsurf mesh.

next time some pictures to show the progress.

Of course everyone is invited to give comments about the model etc.