The girl that ...

… had to hold the moon - for ever!

My blender learning scene.

You comments and critiques are welcome.



something about the lighting bothers me though, it seems very harsh, which contradicts the charm of the image. maybe a little atmospheric glow, like the light bloom around the moon? it would pull the girl from the background, make her better defined. and a little fill light could soften the harsh shadows too.

you could also relax her pose a little.

i like the details of her clothes, they suggest an interesting personality, somewhat quaint and extravagant.

looking forward to seeing this in the finished works forum! :smiley:

jim ww

Thank you for your opinion and thoughts.

I will try to improve the pose and I keep on ‘trial and erroring’ on the light, because with my skills thats the only way i think.
Something disturbed me also but i didn´t know what i could improve. First came into my mind that the scene is to boring … but why? the concept? the light? what?

Do you have any hints for the ‘atmospheric glow’? I tried it similiar to what i achieved for the moon (a spot with volumetric light(?)), but it won’t gave the results I hoped.


p.s. i like your thought about futility. I have to think about.

if you want a simple fill light, a hemisphere type with a low setting and a blue tint will help to create a moonlit ambiance. for the atmosphere, i was thinking of a halo shader applied to the ground plane, but that probably will not create the effect of haze. perhaps turn on the mist option in the world shader section? or you could fake it with some alpha mapped planes?

jim ww