The Glaive

This is the superweapon from the movie KRULL:

It’s in a very early stage.

haha cool!

"I once punched a man for saying Hawk the slayer was rubbish. I said “look dad. Lets give Krull a try…” " (cant remember the rest :expressionless: )

whoa, i havent seen the movie, but damn, i wouldnt want to get in the way of that thing! looks good! cant really give it any crit. put it in a scene perhaps, with it taking off some dudes head or something, looks pretty nasty…

I like it, but it looks like there’s something funny with it. The metal is a little too shiny for my liking, especially if its a weapon. Most blades weren’t highly polished, and weren’t quite so reflective. Interestic pic though, keep working on it! :smiley: