The Glass

Modelled with blender and rendered with Indigo
Rendering time : +/- 11h on a Athlon 1700+
Light : HDRI only

C&C are welcome

The water under the cube on the table doesn’t seem to react to the cube in anyway. And the boyancy of the liquid being poured in to the glass seems kindof high, as in the cubes are floating allmost above the level of liquid. Seems odd to me.

Is this btw straight from Indigo or did you reduce the noise somehow?

Your are right, the top cube should have been a bit lower and some more reflection in the water under the table cube maybe.
This is a render straight from Indigo, no noise reduction, just some levels correction, however I probably should let it render for 20 more hours.


Great render, except for the noise, five stars from me. Did you use the fluid simulation for the liquid in the glass ?

I first tried to use fluid simulation but it seems to be hard to get a nice result, I finally made it with mesh modelled by hand :confused:


I didn’t like the way the liquid pouring into the glass had a sort of glass shell around it. It could also have splashes when it contacts with the glass/cubes.


Thanks to all,

I posted a new version (see top of the topic), with some improvements in objects organisation (change stream and top cube), in colors and this render has less noise. There should be some bubbles under the stream but for any reason they were not rendered, I will investigate to try to fix that.

C&C still welcome

as always, this is a great job.

It looks pretty good material wise. However the composition is kind of bland. Also its hard to tell what the orientation of everything is. The table blends into the background. So perhaps a texture for the table, and more water drops leading the eye to the glass. I would move the ice, or add more ice so that one is near the edge of the table. Your droplets are too regular right now as well.

Better ice than most. Still not perfect (ice is hard!), but it’s the best I’ve seen recently.

However, the lack of splashing, waves, etc, and the extreme uniformity of the liquid entering the glass isn’t so good. The poured stream reminds me of either a stream of mercury, or a stained glass rod. Not sure that I’d want to drink mercury.