The glasses

I am new here and I would like to post one of my first attempts in Blender/Yafray. Maybe the scene isn’t so complicated but anyway please tell me what you think about it:

Bottom of the glass is not round enough.
Shadows seem too light and maybe too sharp.
There is something nice about it though.

Thank you J for your reply.
I agree with you regarding the shadows (it could be more smooth), but what do you mean in first sentence, that bottom of the glass is not round enough? Do you mean that the edges at bottom are too sharp?

Very good job, but something does not convice me : the shadow of the glasses are not affected by the transparency of the glasses, and if I don’t mistake, it is possible to fix that.

That’s good, the rim of the glasses are round just like a real glass. However I agree with the previous poster, the bottom edges are too sharp. Perhaps having a sort of bevel/chamfer? Other than that good though