The Gnome Cave

Well here it is. C&C is always welcome, of course.

Looks good, Modron! I like the textures and the variation in plant life. Are those plants all from Lsystem?


Hey that’s excellent Modron!

The first thing that sticks out to me are the “floating” rocks. I guess they’re supposed to be in the rock face that the cave sinks into. But they seem to be in mid air to me. And staying with the rocks. The texture is good, but not great, some parts of the rock look fantastic, but some faces then let it down.

Overall tho it’s a quality pic… Good ground texture and fantastic foliage. And the rock face is excellent. I guess that raises another point actually… The rock face and the ground rocks are too different. Geologically speaking, I would expect them to be of the same or at least a similar type…

My two cents for you guv… Great piccy!


Well, here is a brief explanation of how I made it,…
first thing I did was to make some blend files, containing a selection of grass, made with bantam 3D grass maker, rocks made with PCRock, weeds made with plant studio, and that sort of thing. then,…
…I made a bunch of trees and bushes and vines and stuff with LSystem, and rendered them individually set to ‘RGBA’, and ‘premul’, with the file type set as PNG, so, they are now alpha mapped textures, which I then fed back into Blender, and mapped onto planes, using the new raytracer set to ‘tra shad’ for the shadows.
…For the rock texture, I mostly used TClouds texture plugin, and to get the specularity effect, I used a dupliverted lamp with a grayscale image texture on it, that I usually use for displacement mapping. The moss is just grass, scaled down, and the hanging moss is the same thing, stretched using PET.
…The sand is also TClouds texture plugin set to soft with an added noise texture.

Looks like “real” to me… :o :smiley:

A hell of a good job Modron… :wink:

I would like to hear more about this technique of yours… :o

Thanks guys,…well,…I suppose if you wanted, you could easily substitute the clouds tex for the image tex I used on the lamp,…but aside from that, I just took two lamps, both set pretty low, one yellow, one orange, and on one, I applied the grayscale texture, and they were both dupliverted on a single plane, so, including the duplis, there were a total of 10 spotlamps, half of them with a texture, set to add, I believe, and half of them facing a slightly different direction, than the other half.