The Gnome # update #

Here’s my latest work, still experimenting and getting closer to the look I want, still a way to go though.

Only post pro was adding the background in Gimp.
As always C & C’s welcome.
Thanks for looking.

this is awsome. it loks like he´s melting

looks good but… the SSS looks slightly overdone, which causes the diffuse texture to fade a little.

Nice! Good personality. Do turn down the SSS a bit though.

Wow, really cool. The shadow in the throat area does look a bit like a hole though.

Great stuff! Excellent modeling, and materials. Something about the eyes bothers me though. Maybe they’re too big, or too realistic in comparison to the rest of him.



like the skin shader

I think the SSS is spot on. Looks perfect to me.

The eyes have no reflection though. They need more of a wet look to make this 100% believable. That is what is throwing this off for you atm.

Modeling and texture work is just beautiful.


Thank you all for your kind words and crits.
Update in first post added spec map to the eyes.

Great work. Simply great.

Awesome. I think he needs eyebrows though. Just a thought.