The Goat Sorcerer (animation and blendfile available for free)

I’ve finished this new character based on daniel Lustosa nice concept.

IT wasn’t supposed to be animated so the character built and topology isn’t perfect but I couldn’t resit animating it. Thus, I couldn’t stress the rig hat much.

Check the animation !

I’ve also recorded the whole creation through 7 timelapses with comments, tips and tricks.

You have free access to the blend file and all maps here :

You’ll just have to bake the smoke simulation again but everything is set for your studies.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Here is one of the HD artwork :

Here are some screenshots from the animation

The modeling and texturing is awesome!
I feel like the animation is somewhat stiff though…

Great job on the modeling, texturing and renderering, I love watching your timelapses!


This character wasn’t supposed to be animated so the topology wasn’t ideal to go further in movement.
Thanks for your kind words anyway.

Despite the character not being intended for animation,
it seems to me that the limitations are fairly acceptable
for his overall shape/styling.

Either way, seeing him in motion truly adds depth to the
design - lovin’ it from start to finish! I still haven’thad a
chance to sit down and study all the timelapses (I ended
up d/l’ng them due to no access at home), but this is
definitely part of my learning plan.

I still think he’d make an awesome game character :slight_smile:

Thanks Daellus, enjoy the blend file!

I love this character, and the animation is very funny!! Very good smoke effects, and congrats for the turnable video. I go to download the blend file for learn of your works, thanks!

Pierrick nice character, I like much the cartonish style of this character, also the visuall effects for the spell, is pretty funny the fart sound , and the movements on his hears when him is frustrate. The shaders in generall are pretty good! the jewell, horns, and translucency on his ears are great… but I don’t understand why do you don’t add reflection on his eyes, I feel his eyes looks pretty dry and flat, I’m not sure if his morphology don’t allow that, but only that my unique sugestion.

Hi Jose, nice to see you.
I think I did… Well, just checked, I did add reflection on the eyes but the roughness is a bit high and as he has big eyebrows, the eyes didn’t get directly exposed :confused:

Woahhh. Great share. Thanks you. I’m sure learning much from this :smiley:

YEY! I got featured on iamag.

congrats for that achievement friend!

I think I did… Well, just checked, I did add reflection on the eyes but the roughness is a bit high and as he has big eyebrows, the eyes didn’t get directly exposed :confused:

mmmm I see, maybe with some fake reflections or some fake highlighs could be help, just how your sketchfab version! I think. Another way would be create a light that only have a active the glossynes passes, and don’t cast shadows, colors, etc.

This character is so cool! Great job as always :slight_smile:

I’ve made an animated version on sketchfab. I had to remove some parts that were not SKfab animation friendly and couldn’t create a spell effect. but, I think it is still cute :slight_smile:

I just love exaggerated and “cartoonish” 3D characters. It’s a great concept and a great job at modelling and texturing. I am digging the translucent SSS effect in the video. Adds a lot to the ears and horns.

Thanks for sharing! Really glad you animated this–the ears in motion add so much to a character whose design limits facial expression a bit.

Thanks Xintoc,
thanks hicrista, I had to as the mouth is a closed mesh and he has no eyelids (again, not modeled for animation.)

I love animating loose parts like ears, tail on characters, it give the motion so much interest

Got Staffpicked on sketcfab :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing. this is a lovely model and you’ve done much wit so few a polygons. Cool!

I’ve subscribed to your youtube channel and can’t wait to see making of videos!

This is really wonderful, thank you for this!