The Goddess Ishtar

Blender 2.74 cycles. The modified palm trees are from yorik at tuxfamily, a great site with many cc trees.

Nice job on the goddess, Payntr. The stone shader of the body looks quite real. The environment does not hold up with this realism, though. And there is something irritating with the perspective of the floor. But I really like the lighting of the statue.

Thanks for the insightful comments minoribus. I have further worked the render and may eventually re-post it, resolving the floor issue. It was as simple as reducing the size of the bench beneath the relief. But, this is not about realism, rather, about dimensions, the flat plane of the wall contrasting with the depth of the scene through the arched doorway-a da Vinci devise he used in most of his paintings. So, it is bound to have a weird perspective.