The Goldberg Duck - Short Film WIP
Title: The Goldberg Duck
Animator: Brian Cordell Hynds
Software: Blender 2.41

The film is starting to pull together now, after spending several days and hours on end pulling the duck rig together. I’m working on a lot of the props right now and hopefully it will be a pretty cool short film once finished. I’ll post some images of the storyboard when I get around to it, but don’t expect it to be very speedy. I’m still working out a lot of the storyboard yet and how everything is going to work (If you understand the title, you’ll know why it’s a challenge). Anyways, I’ll keep you updated on the progress. The final video will be posted for all to download in various formats when finished.

Looks great - I will enjoy seeing it !

Out of curiosity, what is the font you are using for the title and subtitle? It looks really nice and professional.



The font is Trajan Pro. It came with either my Mac or Photoshop (I don’t think Photoshop has installed fonts though, but I could be wrong).

can’t wait to see it

Wow that is a great duck. Seriously. Are you going to add feathers or leave it as is. Either way it would look great.

The duck model can be seen from my duck WIP thread I made for him in particular:

I may add some feathers around his tail to emphizise the feathery existance, but I will most likely be leaving him as is. It’s really hard to make feathers in CG look believable, and as great as the new hair rendering system is, I can’t get the feathers to deform properly with the mesh, so I’m just leaving him with a more cartoonish appeal.

I’ve also come to find that not many people know who Rube Goldberg is. Just another hint to what the storyboard is about.

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see it either.

Wasn’t Goldburg the guy who made those really neat, crazy machines that do mundane things? Like poor a glass of water…

I like the models. I look forward to seeing this.


Yes, Goldberg was the cartoonist with the crazy machines.

Great duck! This looks like it will be very good. I can’t wait.

Nice poster too! Well planned. SImple and grabs the attention.

w00t! The first walkcycle test is finished, and I’m really currious to get some crits on it.

I’ve gotten more work on the storyboard done, especially with the mechanics, but I still have a way to go yet before I got anything completely stable to work from. It keeps changing with the better idea’s that we (my fiance’ and I) come up with. Until it’s solid, I’ll just be modeling props and working on scenery setup. Anyways, just thought I would drop you in an update on the progress.

Love it :slight_smile: the walkcykle is seems to be well animated, but it easier to notice any faults if you repet the walk twice so that you can see if it flows well.

looking forward to more.

The 20 frame’s of the cycle took long enough to render, so I decided to leave it at that. If you use Quicktime and select Loop, it will loop the animation. I’ll post some longer ones during my next tests.

i really like the style of the duck. the walk cycle is very nice.
does the duck rig allow for flapping wings too?
can’t wait to see more of this project.

The duck is fully rigged, he can flap his wings, open and close his mouth, and even has a tongue that can move independantly if needed.

cool, do you have a release date for the animation?

Not as of yet, it’s still in development, but I’m sure it won’t be too long from now. I’ve been working pretty steady at it for a while now and plan on keeping up the progress.