The golden age of Ducks

OK, so I’m new to Blender and have been working non stop on all the tutorials I could get my hands on. I’ve gotten the basics down though, and have come up with my golden duck. Now I know the wings look horrible and the “feathers” on the tail look more like 4th of July sparklers, but I couldn’t get the texturing I wanted for them. I’m still working on this, and any feedback would be mucho appreciated!:


the body and head shape is ok. for the wings I suggest that you
extrude them out from the body. You need to do alot of work on materials.
could you show us a wire?

But overall, It’s a good start.

Thats a good start, since youve only been with it a week. to make the beek smooth, just select all the verticies in edit mode, and hit the smooth button(under the color tab in the editing buttons). And, as for the body color, turn the specularity settings all the way down. That will give the body a matte(flat) color.
peace and keep it up

Thanks guys, that’s exactly what I needed to know. I’m getting the hang of materials now by changing the materials on cubes for practise.

- The wings are actually seperate. I cut a UVsphere in half and did them that way. I didn’t even think of extruding them from the body. I’ll change that and show you the wire.

- Thanks I was having the worst time getting the beek to look right, I’ll try that though and hopefully it’ll look good.