The Golden Age VR

My last update was 1 year ago, in the meantime we worked hard to finalize the project, and today it’s time to wrap up and show the project to the world

In my Blender conference talk 2013 i announched that we decided to port the project to make it Oculus Rift proof, so no more 3D movie, but a wonderfull medieval VR experience.

Making this project rift proof was a major job, but what i really liked was finding the right solutions to use Blender as a great modeling tool that worked with the unity 3D engine. We had so much challenges, things like drawcalls, vertices limits, animation rigs etc etc, but we solved it all and this project is the result of the power of two great programs.
We will launche the project with three big scenes, some of them have more than 100 buildings, with almost no duplications, what makes the experience unique.

I won’t call this a game or simulator, i call it a true VR experience and it’s up to the user what to do. You can explore the city, or just watching out of the window and see what is happening on the street. Every experience is unique, we use an advance weather system that makes every use different. There is also an intergation of voice overs to get more info about the city, but it’s up to the user to activated it.

I choosed for a simple setup with no pusing story line or quest system, it’s like you are droped in the past and you have 20 minutes to walk around before you get back to reality.

There is still some work to do, but we had succesfull tests with DK2 getting 150 ( 75/75) frames, so it’s all about music and sound implementation. We also designed a solid VR arcade system that lets people sit and relaxed, they only have to put on the Rift and activated the experience they want.

Here is a short preview teaser, the upcoming months more info and more ingame material. Stay tuned!


Sweet Jesus! Bloody well done guys!

That’s one of the presentations that I watched online last year that I remember intrigued me. Very well done.

Sounds like the set up you have is something similar to what I’ve imagined could be done for an “educational” experience, such as “seeing” the Gettysburg address, where you can take any number of different viewpoints.

Can’t wait until I can find a way to get somewhere where I can experience this one!

Glad to hear you liked the presentation, it was a long talk about inspiration and fascination, maybe a bit to long, but if there are people who like it, it was worth it :slight_smile:

Wow… really incredible work! You have created a very interesting and cool world to explore. The teaser was really well done also. I’m looking forward to experiencing this new technology (Oculus Rift)

I’m curious on how you did all of the haze in this video? It really adds a lot to the presentation.

Really emotional music. Great editing. I will have a look at the youtube speech video when there is time. Impressive- no, more than impressive. I’m not too certain what oculus rift is capable of, nor am I that familiar with it at all, so you’ve given me a reason to research about it,too. I’ve heard that name thrown around the last couple of years.

Outstanding. Great effort and outcome. Love the intent to make history come alive.

Go, man!

This is very interesting and inspiring, as I’m also interested in using the unique capabilities of VR for storytelling. Brilliant work, I’ll be keeping an eye out for more from you and your team!

Great post! Really liking the atmospherics.