The golden condor


Its my first post here hopefully it will work. Its my first project with blender which I did on my spare time. I used substance painter for the texturing and e-cycles to render it.
There are a few things I wanted to add to this project as volumetric and particles but my computer said no to all of this so I will have to wait for a new one.

This project is inspired by the original series the mysterious cites of gold. I imaged the golden condor waiting in the temple for the son of the sun.

Have a look to the video if it work…

Hope you like it.


Hey Jeremy,

Thanks for sharing, it looks great. You know what could “model” it out a little better?. The use of a rim light, it would push the shape up a little more without stealing too much out of the mystery the low values of your image produce.

Great work, keep it up!

Hi Floroj,
It`s true I will add a bit of rim light when I will go back on this project.