The Golden Hind

This is my version of Sir Francis Drake’s ship, The Golden Hind. I got the inspiration for this after seeing a bunch of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag videos and I thought it would be fun to create a ship in blender. My goal was to create a fairly actuate pirate ship and have several scenes with the ship in it and an animation of it sailing on the open ocean. I ended up creating the animation but my computer can’t handle the rendering of all the frames so I ended up scrapping the animation.

I started this in late November and have been working on this on/off again ever since. This has been my biggest project with the most amount of time spent and without following a tutorial (some tutorial were looked at for various things such as islands, palm trees, etc). There are some things that I would have done differently but I am still very pleased at what I was able to accomplish.

My favourite renders can be seen in this thread and if you want to look at other attempts and my progress please check out my WIP thread. If people are interested in seeing specific parts of the ship then I will take some quick renders but I am no longer working on this.


Here’s 3 more shots.

Holy crap O-o This is mind blowing. Sir Francis Drake was probably one of the most BA people in history. You have my approval sir, excellent work! I would only request that you might do some renders at more dramatic angles, or perhaps even in a battle scenario. That could make this model even more awesome! (excuse me while I drool over the WIP thread)

I was thinking of a battle or having a the cannons fire towards the camera or something but there were several issues. The first would be I would need another ship, just duplicating the ship would do any good. When i tried to make the cannons fire I couldn’t get the smoke acting/looking right (plus i rather work in just cycles unless im baking). The last issue would be doing the damage to the ship, I’ve followed tutorials on using the cell fracture add-on but I didn’t want to work with several objects breaking and having to deal with the texturing of the shards. The last 2 are really just me being lazy and not wanting to do that much more work but I agree, it would make it more epic.

Edit: I forgot to say thank you for the complements :slight_smile:

Very nicely done. I followed this one since the beginning and it’s turned out very well. Congrats. I understand where you’re coming from. When you spend enough time on one project, it can not be fun to work on anymore. My favorite is the second one in post number 2.

that is jus freakin amazing. the detail is intense!!!

Awsome, Loving the first one

Thanks guys.

Great work!
You will need some crew on the deck for the close-ups (did you try using MakeHuman?)

this is awesome, but an idea for the battle scene could be using the same ship but looking out from the cannon seeig the golden hind, with a golden sunset and god rays.