The Gossiping Talisman

Hey folks,

Take a look in my Gossiping Talisman …


i think you should add more…looks very simple to me…i love your sig btw

Hhhmmmm where else have I seen that?? Someone else’s sig perhaps, and the last part “He let it rendering” isn’t very proper english.

Yes, your scene is very plain needs a lot more, and why does the talisman have a wood texture on it?

The idea is having your crits about my Models. I just started in Blender in July and your opinion is very important to me. I hope in a near future I will improve more, sorry for being very simple.

About my sign I consider this sentence the best one. I found it in Portuguese and tried to translate to my limited English.

I intend to keep it in my sign for a long time, so if you have an idea to write it with a better English, let me know.


Tio Ilmo (your Brazilian uncle in the Elysiun)

For the sign, I think:

“God modeled , textured, and animated the World in 6 days and on the 7th day, He rendered.”

would be the best way to put it in english.