The Grass Field

A wild grass field, silent and still… It’s always exciting to watch how a landscape that you are creating comes to life.

This time, I was given early access to The Grass Essentials pack by Andrew Price. And thus, the most tedious process of creating grass blades by hand was moved completely out of the equation.

Watch tutorial + examples, to learn the tips and tricks of grass creation.

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Amazing image. It looks just like a picture of an old house that I live close too. The grass looks incredibly realistic.

I would have believed it if you said it was a painting. Looks amazing.

As always, absolutely beautiful! Great job. :slight_smile:

Beautifully done as always! May I ask, how much of it is modelled, and how much of it is hand painted (or other)?

beautiful image

Everything, except the background sky and distant land, is modelled :slight_smile: Thanks!

Thanks! You know you have done a great job seamlessly blending the modelled with the painted when you can’t tell which is which.

I cannot seem to find any seams between the background and foreground anywhere, it really does look like you have top notch composition and styling skills (like how you designed the shaders and tweaked the tonemapping to go along with the background).

Very nice.

i was wondering the shame thing, i thought grass and some details were created in photoshop:) wonderful job!