"The grass is green (usually)" - my new short movie

Finally I’ve finished my new short.
Animation is bad, I know.
But my son liked it :slight_smile:
All 3D stuff and compositing were made in blender

Here are urls:
Google video (poor quality):

Rapidshare 640x360 16MB: http://rapidshare.de/files/36442140/manamana_640.avi.html

Rapidshare 1280x720 78MB: http://rapidshare.de/files/36445446/manamana_1280.avi.html

Bittorrent 640x360 16MB: http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/hashtorrent/3538063.torrent/The_grass_is_green_(usually).3538063.TPB.torrent

Bittorrent 1280x720 78MB: http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/hashtorrent/3538066.torrent/The_grass_is_green_(usually).3538066.TPB.torrent

If someone download this using bittorrent please leave seed for some time :wink:

lmao! That wasn’t that bad at all. I love that Sesame Street sketch that you got the music from too. Hilarious.

Only thing that I think was an issue was that for this type of animation, it got a bit repetitive and was a bit long. You could have made this about 1 minute or so and got the same effect.

Nice job though.


Very cool! I agree with BgDM on the length, and also took a bit to draw the storyline (still not sure what it was…). However, the look, animation and camera work was great - fit the style well!

My fav was the ending! Ha! (“Boo! Boo!”) cracked me up! :smiley:

Ending voices are from original Sesame street song :wink:

hah that was awesome i loved it

Well seed the HD torrent then! :wink:

yeah, I agree with the others. It was a humorous short, but overly long.

haha that was funny i was like wtf in a good way. :smiley:

lol really good, how long did it take to make?

Ahh guys, it wasnt seasame street, it was the muppets. The voices you hear at the end was the two old guys that sat up in the box seats the heckled the acts all the time.

Excellent work. Very entertaining.

Lol that was fantastic… Could help but smile when I saw it - Bad animating, WHO CARES. Well done

wot was the…


that was crazy!:slight_smile:

hahah love it :smiley: but MAN it was weiard… hmm but whatever… oh and i saw one bug. Thw stage where he “flies” around, his arm’s accely goes trough the cows… but i still like it… mini bug… heh

Love the characters and animation, but to be honest I thought the skit itself was a lot funnier when the muppets first did it.

Forget the torrent. google video gets the same effect. And covers defects. Glad to know you care about your son enough to make stuff like this. I make something similar for my mom last easter (similar may be a stretch, but similar purpose)