The Gravity Gun from the game "Half Life 2"

Something new from me,

i played a lot Half Life 2 the last weeks, so i decided to recreate the lovely physics gun i frequently used in this game.
because of the lack of detail in the lowpoly version of this game model, i had to think about a lot of details, which were just plain textures in the game. So the whole model is a free interpretation of the actual game model.

I will post a written making of in my blog soon.


1x2k diffusemap
5x1k diff

no specularmaps/bumpmaps.

rendered and modeled with blender 2.62/cycles (9h 3,5k samples)

Open image in new window for fullsize please :wink:

Deviantart link:

gz lino


Very nice, great textures! Looks very realistic for a gun that doesnt really exist:) go cycles!

Happy Blending!

yeah buddy this looks real nice! great modeling, texturing, and lighting!

I saw the earlier version on DA. This looks even better but the dof is a bit strong. Very nice! :slight_smile:

For me actually DOF is okey. Nice deeeeeppppp of image… Actually what i love so much is lightening.

thanks for your comments and critique :slight_smile:
jeah, the dof is always a point to argue about, but i used a not so dominant one, in a real photograpgh with a 200mm tele (this is the foclallength) and this distance to the object, the dof would be much greater, nevermind you never can make it fit :stuck_out_tongue:
the blog article is written, enjoy:

Great work!
i also really like the scene/setting :slight_smile:

Yeah it might be with a big aperture but you wouldn’t showcase a model with a 200mm tele with large aperture unless you want 70% of it blurry. I don’t think the blur is a problem but you’d probably want the most interesting parts sharp to show it off.

It’s just nitpicking though. It’s truly great stuff and that’s why I’m a bit picky. I’d love to get critiqued more often than just being told that something looks awesome.

As I said, I think it looks great I was just saying what I personally thought could be improved, you can either disagree or think about it, that’s the beauty of it.

Very very nice! Excellent textures.
Wonderful cycles render.

Very nice work!

Ah one of my old favs, HL2 that is. Nice to see a super hero, Mr. Freeman, that isn’t your standard ex-navy seal or something to that effect. Anyway, great render, the ever so slight DOF really adds to the realism here.

ah, so cool, very well-executed!

I like this kind of pictures, especially for great use of dof :slight_smile:

really awesome texturing! I’m going to check out you making of right now.

… great work. I love your metal shader setup for cycles, you should include it in this thread.

The gravity gun is something I’ve wanted to do since starting with 3D, you’ve done a great job on it :slight_smile:

It’s a shame that you didn’t make any spec-maps for it, I think it would have really made the textures pop.

Wow! Excellent job on the model and texturing. Always a fan of anything Half-Life!

Just… perfect :wink: !!!

AWESOME! Valve would be proud of you! If this wont appear in forum gallery, then forum gallery can be closed forever. 5* excellent

That looks stunning! What kind of compositing did you do? The glow from the inside of it seems to just radiate outwards, and it looks amazing.

Very nice.

Looks very VERY heavy to carry though…unless it also have a gravity field of it’s own… :wink: