The Grease Pencil "stick stroke to surfaces" doesn't seem to be working at all in my case

Running Blender 2.90, grease pencil settings set to “Stick stroke to surfaces” with cursor being the stroke alignment setting. The pictures below show what happens when I do this with any object. Since I cannot upload multiple files due to being too new and don’t feel like photoshopping together a composite, here’s an imgur link to the album of pictures demonstrating what’s happening.

Not only do the strokes hover above the object, they hover inconsistently, depending on my camera angle. I’ve found no pattern to it. What’s going on with this?

I’d attach the blend file, but I am too new to this site and cannot do so.

Are you setting this:

Yes. I put that in the title of the post (that button alt text is called “stick stroke to surfaces” in 2.90) That is the first setting I selected. It results in the behavior above.photo_2020-11-18_12-55-33

I didn’t know what you meant by “with cursor being the stroke alignment setting”. Where is that?


That part has to do with the alignment of the plane of sketching.

hmmm, in 2.92 I don’t see that, I have this:

and I’m sure you tried a drawing plane of view?

Yep, I tried that. I guess I’ll download the new version of Blender and see what happens. I guess this must be a fundamental bug with this version. It’s unreported, as far as I can tell, but Grease Pencil isn’t exactly a commonly used thing for most people.

EDIT actually, I have the most recent stable release, so what I’ve got should be working.

I tried with 2.90.1 and it works there too. Must be machine specific then.

OK, I think I found the problem. I had this feature improperly set: the offset slider. I never noticed it before. image

When I set the offset slider back to 0 (or close to it), the lines properly sit atop the object.

What I don’t understand is what the offset is, exactly. I’d think it would be an offset in the direction of the surface normal, but it isn’t. Maybe it’s an offset in the camera view vector direction.