The great almighty DOG

(snailrose) #1

Hey all, here is my entry for the weekend challenge
Even the fittest need to take a break :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know what you think


(blengine) #2

hahahah i love it!!! its the funniest! lmao… :smiley:

but for the weekend challenge topic, i hate it =(
i dunno, try hard to tweak it in a way so that it has at least something to do with survival of the fittest :-?

(snailrose) #3

For the sake of all the others and complete and utter laughter I’ll change it to a non competing entry…its all in good fun :smiley:


(ectizen) #4

Great picture :slight_smile:

I too am having difficulty relating this to the theme - maybe zoom back to show a little more scene, and add a reason why this dog is the fittest (eg. another dog that has suffered the consequences of umm… missing the bowl (I really didn’t want to say, “Add a dead dog next to a pile of crap”, but that would work…))

(Dittohead) #5

That’s funny!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: 8) :wink:

Change the toung colour to little more pink and make it a little less rigid.

I love it!!

(snailrose) #6

Hey all…I’ve finally finished it for the contest

Let me know what you think


(dickie) #7

i love it!

your toon style application is very well done!