The great architect

"The truth, as always, will be far stranger.”
― Arthur C. Clarke, [2001: A Space Odyssey]

Finally this piece is finished, few last days were just about texturing, I’ve even dreamed about nodes, so to save me from insanity I’ve had to call this project complete.

The main character and the baby were sculpted using zbrush, all textures and rendering were made in blender. I’ve used some NASA photos and textures from solarsystemscope for planets. Some WIP pix are here. Head of the creature was loosely based on the image of Osiris with his crown.

The story behind the concept is… sometimes we look at the sky full of stars, and we wonder if we are alone? maybe we want to know how big or how small we are, what is behind us and what is beyond us… but we very rarely have the patience to hear what the starry night want tell us about that we have to grow up, get ready for meeting the future…

:wink: Cheers!


Very interesting piece. Great concept and context…and timing.

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Thanks ! I’m glad You like it.

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great week!

Oh! What a great surprise! Thank You very much @bartv I’m honoured.

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Superb artwork

Thank you @marcoiacopetti ! Compliment from so talented artist is honey to my ears. Or eyes rather :wink: