The Great Couple

Sculpted with Dynamic Topology, rendered in Cycles.

Criticisms are welcome.


Beautiful sculpting, materials, rendering.
Excellent work!

Thank you michalis, you are too kind…:yes:


When I looked, I knew them instantly. Well done.

Thanks Michel,
although they were so characteristic that is easy to recognize them, even if the resemblance is not so good.


Wow that’s a top job mate! Well done!

Oh yea! great job, and great subject choice. It looks a lot like them.

Simply fantastic. It makes me have good memories.
Your work is really beautiful and perfect.
The material that you applied perfectly simulates bronze.
Five stars for sure.


what can I say, thank you very much for your compliments!
Actually I ascribe to myself one merit, that to have chosen a subject enjoyable, and easy to recognize :wink:


very good job paolo!! happy for you :slight_smile:

That is some great looking work you have done. And as CCTrevis remarked I think that is the best looking bronze material I have seen (in my limited experience). Easily recognizable, even to someone with only a minute amount of knowledge towards the subjects.

Gratz on the top row.

Top Shelf for sure, excellent job

even if the resemblance is not so good

Your too humble, you did a great resemblance of them Paolo

Great job!!

I recognized Toto immediately! …just kidding :wink:

Very good Laurel and Hardy, immediately recognizable , great job !

Thank you doris,
I’m feeling a bit embarrassed to see Oliver on the top row, near Miss Marple, the gap in technic is even more evident…

thank you! To be sincere, to me that bronze lacks a bit of metallicity, but I don’t complain, I had good luck after all, with my few knowledge of cycles.

Thank you, but when I look at some references I can see we can do better… probably eyes, mostly.

Blender Matt,
where i live, if a friend of mine tell me like that, I would rebate: “F***k you!” (in italian of course: “vaff…”) equally friendly.:smiley:

Thank you very much Sanctuary, also for your help!


no, no, please, do not feel embarrassed… this is good sign!!! it is going in wonderful direction now. i am very happy about it :slight_smile:

Sourvinos, congratulations!! Very good work, I watched them on television as a child and loved their comedy - and the likeness is immediately clear!

OK doris, if you say so…

Thank you very much Craig!


Haha! I just couldn’t resist :wink:

In all seriousness, congrats on the top row - Looking forward to your next one :slight_smile:

Just to post something that I remember: here in Brazil, they were called “O gordo e o magro” (fat and thin). Good memories… :evilgrin: