The Great Escape

Hi. This is my latest work. It took me about 3:30 hours to complete. I am trying to symbolize how some people try to escape their lives through alcohol.

Crits are more than welcome :smiley: .


alright then…

shadows are not working.
bottle and glasses seem to be floating on the table.

the glass texture doesn’t look solid. it looks ghostly… I dont know if this was meant to be?

the camera angle needs tweaking too, glasses look like they are miniature.

these kind of glass bottle scenes are VERY hard to do without the help of raytracing and all that fancy new stuff … so I suggest you try those…


Only one crit:

That’s due to shear lazyness on the the part of the uploader :wink:
People KNOW geocities don’t allow hotlinking, It’s the most annoying thing second to POPPUPS.

Umm crits… What Basse said :slight_smile:

I appreciate your honosty. First, I’m gonna dump all my photos in PhotoBucket.

I tries using RayTransp, but the glass came out as a solid color, not clear. I cant figure out what I am doing wrong.

Those are shot glasses (they are supposed to be small :wink: )

There are shadows, but I will tweak the lighting to get more pronounced shadows.

I will also change the camera angle (a new one came to mind).

And I have the bottle and shotglasses as close to the table without going through…what should I do to make it seem they are on the table?


have you put on raytracing in the renderbuttons screen? its the ray button next to the big render button.

for the ray transp problem try upping the ray trasp depth level.

to maybe about… 10

I moved all my pics to photobucket, so here it is for those who couldn’t see the first one:

I tried increasing the Depth and I think that is what I need. I am also going to add a bit of a reflection. I’ll be back with the update soon.


no pic :-?

Oops, nm I see it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. Sorry I took so long with this update, but I had to get more RAM and my computer was being disagreeable. So here it is:

I think the side lights are a little off, but I posted this image just so you dont think I gave up on it :wink: . I should have the one with better lighting soon.


I like the last one. Don’t be afraid not to show off every detail. The table texture is the only thing that looks a bit off to me now. Maybe making a tighter bevel around the edge so that the texture doesn’t look warped.

starting to look much better.
it’s a bit dark tho, so cannot really see much.


Here is another version. I changed the lighting, some of the material settings, and the table.

I think it’s almost done!


You should Bevel the table at least once.
Other than that it looks really good. A lil too bright now though.


Here is another update:

I fixed the table and boosted the OSA. I think that is it :smiley: . I’ll add the title in Photoshop and then post it here.