The Great Library

I did this for a creative assignment for my uni course (not related to CG). I was at a loss for ideas until the day before it was due, and so I made this in a single 10 hour sitting, so a few areas are left unattended to.
Rendered in Octane, volumetric light done in Blender, post-work in GIMP and Paint.NET.

Brilliant lighting (no pun intended), great composition, solid modeling & shading… quite outstanding work for 10 hours of work. Congrats!
I would love 2 see another more “completed” (post-deadline) version as this has great potential. Personally I don’t dig the overcast “backend” of the hall too much, that’s kinda such a clichée…plus it doesnt seem 2 make much sense, architecturally. But that comes down 2 personal preference, so never mind.

greetings, Kologe

Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy to continue working on this image, so I’m open to suggestions. The render I ended up presenting to my class only rendered for an hour, however the one you see here I left for 27 hours. So I’d like to get some more input from others before I continue working on it. Personally I like the back end of the hall. :slight_smile:

Right now I’m looking at improving the pillars, railing and adding chairs (ran out of time for those, heh. It was really down to the wire).