The great Mac & PC debate continues...

For those who are buying a PC to do anything video or image related, this article is worth your look.

If you don’t want to read the article, here’s the conclusion after performing several benchmark tests with Photoshop and After Effects:

"As for comparing the Dell workstation with the fastest Mac on the market, well, the two machines are apparently in different classes. Take a look at the test results, and you’ll have to agree that, using these benchmarks, the Mac was slaughtered again, and this time by an even wider expanse than ever. We were surprised at the huge margin of the defeat of the Mac in these tests. Even though the Mac’s dual G4 chips have been sped up to 1.25 GHz and offers faster DDR RAM, apparently this wasn’t enough to keep up with the newest and fastest from Dell and Intel. The most amazing part of this is that this Dell PC cost $629 less than the Mac we tested. "