The great white

After playing ‘Depth’ i decided to make a shark. My first fish and underwater scene :slight_smile:


In this case I found the grainy renders to look the most realistic… thats why i only rendered in 300 samples :slight_smile:

The white in its left eye is a scar =)

I hope you like it : D


Simple armeture/rig


Hey I really like the sun through water highlights on the top of the shark.
Also the light rays through the water. Did you achieve this all through volumetrics
and the water surface?
The model is pretty good but your sculpt looks a bit edgy so maybe use more resolution
and bake it as normal map or just render it with more polys if you’re pc can handle that^^

I also like the texture, especially the transition between the top and bottom part.

A lovely render, with more samples it would look absolutely real. I like the model and the lighting is fantastic.

Really nice… and it’s during “Shark Week” to boot!

@A7E7 im glad you liked it =) Yes, the light rays are volumetric, however the caustic effect is not. I followed this tutorial i found on youtube:

And thanks for your tips :slight_smile:

@minoribus im glad you liked it ! =)

@Safetyman thanks :)!

He is also hungry! :evilgrin:


You did a really nice job modeling and texturing the shark. He looks like he’s had a hard life.

Steve S

Awesome Shark! I’ve never seen a shark render so, yeah this is awesome! Did you use references to make the shark? Reason I’m asking because I’m trying to model prawns (or shrimp…whatever you want to call them) and I am having a heck of a time just making them.

Your rig is also pretty good. I haven’t worked with rigs due to not having enough times and patience for the time being. I would love to start working with rigs and start working with basic animation (if there is any lol).

Thank you markoberto :slight_smile:


Thanks =) yes he has a couple of scars :eyebrowlift:


Im glad u liked it :slight_smile: Yes i used a single sidwview image for the rough modelling… and a lot of pictures from different angles to get the modelling right. :slight_smile: