The Great Wizards Tournament (MOBA already playale) looks for 3D Artist

The Great Wizards Tournament (MOBA already playale) looks for 3D Artist

Hi everyone,
I am part of the development team of a MOBA game named The Great Wizards Tournament. The goal of this game is to play a wizard, choose his spells kit freely from a list of more than 20 spells (at the moment) and to fight in arena. You can play alone against other players or in team.
The game is currently under development so we add new things regularly: new spells that we asked to our comunity, new features , or like we did yesterday we added a boss fight. We have also an account manager that allows us to have a leaderboard in the game, so every player can see how good he is against other wizards !

The game is in alpha and everyone can download it here : link (the game will remain free).

Some visuals:

I decided to post here, to see if anyone would be interested in be part of the team, indeed we are mostly developers and our knowledges in 3D is quite limited, the current 3D assets we ahve are either free or either from a 3D pack we bought. Don’t hesitate to try the game (at the moment only one server and it is in Paris, so if you are not near Europa, just contact me, and i can explain you how to play locally) and if you want to be part of project, please don’t ehsitate to contact us !

Here is our discord to ask any question or follow the project :

Have a good day !

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Still looking for a 3d artist?

yes we are still looking for 3d artist to help us.
We did some improvments for the game and because assets we had were very ugly we decided to buy some new ones to show more what game should look like. We got very good feedbacks with this new appearance and we wish to keep it.
As it was hard for us to find people to help us about 3D, character design, music and sounds, we decided to launch a little kickstarter to see if people would like to help us.
Here are a trailer video where you can see what games looks like now: trailer

If you are still interested, i would be happy to see some of your work :slight_smile:

Best Regards

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